March 04, 2017

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The LEIGH DESCENDANCY CHART in the Early Wales blog gives all the genealogical data we have on our LEIGHs who lived before 1850. The present section continues those early lines into modern times. Thus the persons listed in bold font below become the branches which connect or join the two sites, because they are descendants of our earliest Leighs and ancestors of our modern Leighs.

All of our Leighs currently in this blog descend from either 74 Rev. Edmund Leigh in Carmarthenshire and Glamorgan or from 126 Oakley Leigh in Cardiganshire. If we find descendants of other early Leighs, such as 13 Bridgett Leigh or 14 Richard Leigh, we will add their branches to this page. In order to show the relations of Rev. Edmund's and Oakley's many descendants, we created a new line for each child or grandchild who started a distinct family group and whose members furnished us with their information. We usually stopped with the Eleventh or twelfth generation, and for privacy reasons we posted no information on living people.

BRANCH OF 74. Rev  EDMUND LEIGH (1736 - 1819)

BRANCH of 126. OAKLEY LEIGH (1716-1788)

Some of the genealogical data are given as online data that can be viewed with your browser. Other of the data are given as pdf files that can be viewed with the free Adobe® Reader. While you are viewing the pdf data files, you can save them to your hard drive by clicking File and then Save. If you have problems reading pdf files, download the latest version of the free Reader program.

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