March 04, 2017

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 Been here before?  Great!  This page is designed to brief you on additions or corrections to the web site since you were last here.  The most recent changes will always be given at the top of the list.

We have now finished adding to this site our available information about the Leigh families and related lines who lived in Wales or immigrated from Wales to other areas in the period of approximately 1850 and later. Recent additions include pictures relating to Samuel Leigh, his son William David Leigh, and his son John David Leigh.

If readers have information that would be appropriate for this site, they are invited to click on "Giving Info" for ideas about submitting the information and then contact Allen Leigh at the link given below.
  • Added Family Group Records for families from Samuel Leigh's second wife
  • Converted the embedded links in this blog
  • Completed conversion of "modern" website pages to this blog
  • Genealogical information for Mae Langford Leigh added to Dick Leigh's history

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