March 04, 2017

Giving Info

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This blog will be useful to our families only if we all work together in getting new information into the blog. If you would like to contribute information to the blog about your branches, or if you have corrections to existing information, please follow the directions given below. If you have questions, please contact me. My email address is in the About Me page.
  • Send photographs and printed genealogical records such as Family Group Sheets via postal mail. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) so I can return the items to you. Include with the photographs the names of the people in the photographs.
  • Send electronic records and histories as attachments to e-mail (Microsoft Word, RTF, or text-file format). You can also put them on Windows floppy diskettes and mail them to me; please include a SASE.
  • Send me e-mail with particular instructions, clarifications, etc. that I will need to know in order to get the information properly posted to the site. Include in your e-mail an "inventory" of the items you are sending me, so I will know that I have received all of the items.
  • If you will be sending items via postal mail, send me e-mail and I will reply with my postal address.
Thanks in advance, and in the mean time, please spread the word about this blog to your Leigh relatives!

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