March 04, 2017

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Welcome to this site about members of the Leigh family who live in modern times. The whole Leigh family tree is spread over two blogs, this blog and the blog that describes the early Leigh families. The split between the two blogs occurs at approximately 1850 AD. The various branches of the tree are linked between the two blogs. We separated this blog on Modern Leighs in Wales from the blog about the early Leighs in Wales for several reasons. In the Early blog we had to use only written documents in their historical context. For the Modern blog many of the stories and family group records were submitted by family members and are often based on private records, oral tradition, remembrances, etc. The split into two blogs was deemed necessary, because the Modern Leighs are now numerous and are constantly increasing, and they require a large and expandable space.

Besides pedigrees and descent charts, we also give life histories, obituaries, photographs, maps, and historical information to provide the context of our ancestors’ lives. All of these materials can be accessed through the Family Tree page by clicking a link to the home page of each Modern Leigh family line.

Here is a suggestion on navigating this blog.
  1. Start with the Family Tree page. A link to that page is given above in the Navigation bar.
  2. Choose the person who is your ancestor and click on that name.  Go to that page and use the various links to access  other pages about your ancestors.
  3. If you don't find the name of your ancestor on the Family Tree page, contact Allen Leigh via the email address given in the About Me page (the link to that page is given above in the Navigation bar).
If you have corrections or new information for this blog, please contact Allen Leigh. Thanks, and enjoy your visit to this blog!

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